Private Residence Renovation – Cambridge, MA

Type:   Residential Renovation – 2-Family-House turning into 1-Family-House

Description of project: Our client that we had worked with before on her coffee shop projects in Somerville wanted to renovate her private residence. She and her family occupied the 1st floor. The 2nd floor level was usually rented out for temporary international guests. The idea was to combine both floors to make her house a 1-family-house for her growing family. The entire design process was a time of collecting FUN! ideas, articles from various magazines, trying schemes, building the residence in 3D and finding the perfect end-result for our client and her family. The construction of the project was divided into phases. Phase 1 was an enlargement of the 1st floor by including the enclosed porch into the living space and connecting the 1st and the 2nd floor to make it a 1-family home.  We also took out a wall and installed a garage door. Phase 2 would include renovation of the entire 2nd floor with reorganizing the floor plan to create a master bedroom connected to a luxury master bathroom and two rooms for the children. Phase 3 would be to create an entertainment space in the attic.

Location:   Cambridge, MA, USA

Year of Design:  2014/2015/2016 

Year of Construction: 2015/2016/2017

Job:  Architectural Designer & Job Captain: Design Development, Client Meetings

Company/Employer:   Davis Square Architects, Inc

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